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Greatness Thrust Upon Us - A new Novel by Pat Robertson Rice

Even though Greatness Thrust Upon Us stands alone as a good read with its heart-warming love stories, historical references, and suspense-filled plot, its underlying message is the imparting of spiritual principles. The book can be read on many levels and its message will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned.

Here’s a quick look at the contents of the book:

Tom Madison has it all – aristocratic family name, established low practice, and political status – but he hadn’t counted on falling in love with the beautiful Creole, Sarah Royster.

Four good friends, Nathan Summerville, John Thompson, Ahab McGee, and Thorn McAllister, are the most eligible bachelors of Wilmington’s 1860 social season. Educated in the best universities, tailored to perfection, and wealthy enough to support a family, the “Fabulous Four,” as they were nicknamed by the single women, are having the time of their lives.

But the hands of fate are soon to change the lives of all Southerners, especially the lives of these four men, for South Carolina Is about to fire the opening shot of The Civil War.