Clearing the Chakras

We have twelve physical body systems, such as the Circulatory System and the Digestive System, just to name two.  These systems are constantly fed energy by seven power centers in our body; these centers are referred to as chakras.  I’m sure that you have had an acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner, or massage therapist identify blocked energy on your body.

Clearing the chakras will allow your body to have more circulating energy for your health and vitality. In this session we will

  • Release the blockages in your chakras
  • Recharge each chakra
  • Unify the whole chakra system

As a bonus, I will show you how to use sound and color on a daily basis to keep your energetic system in tip-top shape.

Length of Session:  1 ½ hours

Fee for Session:  $95

I feel better than I have felt in weeks! – R.N. Richmond, VA

I’m new to energy medicine, but I promise to try the exercises you sent! – G.N. Atlanta, GA

I wasn’t aware that we needed to clear our chakras, but I certainly felt the difference by the time we finished the session. –  K.F. Seattle, WA