Contacting A Person On The Other Side

Of all the sessions I do, this one is the most heartwarming for me. Clients have many reasons for wanting to talk to someone on the other side, but 9 times out of 10, they just want to know that the deceased is OK and that he/she made it to heaven.

Other clients are simply bewildered by the death of their loved one. Why would he/she commit suicide? Why was the person in a mysterious place when he was killed? or How did he die? Still, other clients want to ask for forgiveness.

Whatever the reason, I love to reach across the veil to bring closure or comfort to my clients.

Length of Session: 1 ½ hours
Fee for Session: $95

To know that my father is watching over me is the best present I have ever received. – P.R. Wilmington, NC

I know now that we don’t die; we just transition into spirit form with all of our knowledge. How wonderful! – M.R. Chattanooga, TN

How comforting to know that my mother transitioned easily to the other side because she had been so very sick. – J.L. Lynchburg, VA