Finding Your Soul Purpose

This is my MOST REQUESTED session and, in a way, the MOST IMPORTANT.  There are ten facts that I think everyone should know about what the soul has planned for this current lifetime:

  1. Soul Status
  2. How many lifetimes you have left
  3. Karmic Lessons
  4. Desired Traits
  5. Archetype for Administering the Lessons
  6. Three Important Timelines
    1. Best Decisions
    2. Crossroad Years
    3. Spiritual Achievement
  7. Primary Theme
  8. Cyclical Theme
  9. Soul Mission
    1. Archetype
    2. Wiring
    3. Spiritual Gift
  10. Spiritual Report Card

You will be AMAZED how this session will help you to understand MORE about your true identity and to feel happier and more harmonious about your present life.

Length of Session:  2 ½ hours

Fee for Session:  $150

Email –
Text    –  252-702-8890

Office – 336-815-1538 (leave a message)

“Oh my God!  Do not miss this reading.  For the first time in my life I understand why things have happened the way they did.” – J. H. Wilmington, NC

“Fabulous! Just Fabulous! I feel such a peace now about my childhood.” – S.D. New York, NY

“It’s hard to believe that your whole concept of life can change in 1 ½ hours – but mine did.” – S.F. Kill Devil Hills, NC