Healing Mental and/or Emotional Pain Stored In the Body

What is mental and/or emotional pain?

Mental and/or emotional pain is the outer manifestation of traumatic events stored within the cell memory.

How do you know if you have mental and/or emotional pain stored within your body?

Here are five clues that you do have mental/emotional pain that needs to be resolved:

  • Unexpected anger that wells up from nowhere when a person’s name is mentioned or a situation is mentioned.
  • Unexpected sadness or a sudden burst of tears triggered by a movie scene or television show.
  • Reoccurring dreams, especially of being hunted or killed, that may be signaling an “emotional death” of your power.
  • Retreating into an old habit that you have kicked when someone hurts your feelings or betrays you in some way. These old habits are usually addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, or sweets.
  • Reoccurring illness, such as sinusitis or a rash, may be signaling you of an emotional situation manifesting as an illness.

In the highly educational book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise Hay, the author addresses the common mental and emotional issues related to our organs, glands, and bones. You should buy this book; it is an eye opener and a life saver. In this session we will:

  • Pinpoint the mental and/or emotional issue concerning you
  • Locate the physical body area of concern
  • Investigate the past life or childhood trauma causing the pain
  • Release the trauma
  • Reprogram the new belief into your belief system
  • Find and use Louise Hay’s affirmation to complete the healing

Length of Session: 1 ½ hours
Fee for Session: $95

I finally found the courage to confront my brother. I feel much more powerful now even though he denied it. – S.S. Kingston, TN

I was abused as a child, but I had repressed this memory until it tumbled out one day when my aunt made a remark. Pat helped me deal with this. – R.L. Indianapolis, IN

Feelings of inadequacy haunted my childhood; with Pat’s help, I confronted my mother, FINALLY! – E.W. Wilmington, NC