Meeting Your Guides and Angels

The Catholic Church teaches that each person on earth is assigned a guardian angel at the moment of birth.  Perhaps you remember the heartwarming movie, Miracle on 34th Street, starring Jimmy Stewart. “Clarence” was his guardian angel who was trying to earn his wings.

By definition, angels are special creations of God who help Him perform many tasks in the heavens and on earth.  Most of us are most familiar with the Biblical Archangels:  Michael, the protector; Raphael, the healer; Gabriel, the messenger, and Uriel, the light bearer.

Angels are here to inspire us, encourage us, and help us reach our potential.  Wouldn’t you like to know who the angels are that surround you?  In addition to angels, we also have ancestors and persons from our past lives who are there to cheer us on.

For that reason, I love to introduce clients to the joy that comes from connecting to these guides and angels.  Miracles can truly happen when you team up with your angels. In this session we will:

  • Identify the guides and angels around you
  • Reveal their purpose for being with you

Length of Session:  1 ½ hours

Fee for Session:  $95

Who knew?  Who knew that angels were around us each day just hoping that we would pray for their help? – M.W. Greensboro, NC

Pat, you have opened up a whole new appreciation for God and His grace. What a blessing this session has been. – P.B. West Palm Beach, FL

Now that I know that angels are around me, I’m going to call on them each day! – K.R. Raleigh, NC