The Fifth Dimension

All modern spiritual literature constantly talks about our planet moving into the Fifth Dimension, and that we are going to have New Fifth Dimensional Chakras to work with.  So…. Where is this Fifth Dimension? What will the new chakras do?  How will our bodies change?  When does all of this happen?

This four-lesson seminar answers these questions and much more.

  1. Fifth Dimension
  • Where is this?
  • How is this different from the third dimension in which we are living?
  • What new living situations will we encounter?
  1. Fifth Dimensional Chakra System
  • What are the five new chakras?
  • Where are they located?
  • How do we work with them?
  1. New Fifth Dimensional Angels
  • Who are the five new archangels?
  • What new abilities will they bring to our planet?
  • How will we work with them?
  1. Removing Personal Blockages
  • The emotions of fear, anger, rejection and grief are blocking your bottom three chakras.
  • Without removing these blocks, your new chakras will not be able to come in as quickly or effectively.

This intensive consists of four lessons; each lesson will last one hour and a half.  You will be mailed a 30 page booklet containing the necessary sheets for our study.  And the price?  Why that’s the best part – $250.  Do the math – Sessions are $95 ($95 X 4 = $380) – $250 is a bargain.

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