Three Most Important Past Lives

Have you ever wondered why you were drawn to be an architect while your best friend wanted to be a nurse?
– OR –
Have you ever wondered how someone can play the piano by ear with no musical lessons while you struggled for two years to manage the basics?

Chances are that the abilities gained in past lives greatly influence our skills and belief patterns in this life.

I always say that you can’t see where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. The past tells us how to approach the present. It shows us where the old patterns have been and gives us the tools for changing the misperceptions in this life.

Past life sessions are very revealing and very helpful to my clients. My favorite question related to the investigation of past lives is

Which three past lives are having the greatest influence on this life?

Length of Session: 1 ½ hours
Fee for Session: $95

I never knew why I was so drawn to Egypt and now I know after this session. Very interesting. – B.M. New York, NY

This was the most interesting hour and a half I have ever spent! Thanks! – R.N. Baltimore, MD

I now understand where my musical gifts come from. – K.O. Charlottesville, VA