Understanding the World You Will Be Living in Soon

Instead of having to come to Winston-Salem to study with me, I am going to come to you through one-on-one teaching sessions over the phone.

This intensive will consist of four lessons; each lesson will last one hour and a half.  You will be mailed a 30 page booklet containing the necessary sheets for our study.  And the price – that’s the best part – $250!  Do the math – sessions are normally $95.00 (4 sessions X $95 = $380) – $250 is a bargain!

Here is an outline of what I will be teaching:


  1. Understanding the World You Will Be Living in Now
  • Importance of the Year 2032
  • Understanding the Importance of Vibration and Dimensions


  1. Alignment and Protection
  • Importance of Proper Alignment
  • How to Protect Yourself and Your Family Members
  • Protecting Your Home
  • How to Protect Against Negative Energies


  1. Understanding the Purpose of Your Life
  • Three Principles to Live By
  • Using Personal Gifts
  • Using Grids
  • Using Spiritual Gifts
  • Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Working from Your Virtues


  1. Additional Ways to Be of Service
  • How to Pray so Your Prayers Will Be Answered
  • Time, Talent, Treasure
  • Planetary Service

Fee:  $250.00

Email: PatRRice1@gmail.com
Office: 336-815-1538 (leave a message)
Text: 252-702-8890

Payment due upon Registration – by check or PayPal on www.spiritualbeginnings101.com